Melcan 2011 Mel Canady  -  Vocal Coach, Actor, Singer, Composer Mel Canady discovered his musical talent at a very early age and fortunately had the opportunity to develope his ability and interest in music. Born in Alabama, he was of corse exposed to Gospel, Blues and Soul music. Mel participated in school plays and sang in the church choir. Arriving at A&M college in Huntsville; Alabama, he meet Fred Wesely, a trombone player who later became the leader of the James Brown horn section. After a few semesters, Mel went to New York. There he continued to learn music while beeing exposed to the music of Chick Corea, Hank Mobley, Thad Jones, James Brown, just to name a few. The list of concerts Mel attended in enormus. Years later he meet most of his Idols and Mentors in Europe, and had the good fortune to work with a few. He formed the legendary “Ruby and the Mudflaps” (the name was meant to be funny). He went to perform in many musicals and became well known in TV shows and for his work as a studio singer, backing some of the most popular Artists in Germany. Mel now performs as Singer and Keyboarder in his new project “ChessBoard” and is newly the Leader of the famous Munich Gospel Choir “Gospels&more. Mel teaches as a Vocal Coach for Soul, Jazz and Gospel music.